Wizards are a race of magical creatures with extraordinary powers. They can cast spells, teleport, brew potions, and ride dragons.


Wizards have inhabited Elementia for a long time, and are believed to be one of the first races in Elementia.

The wizards were involved in the fall of Dragon Mountain, which was when the giants attacked Dragon Mountain, where the wizards resided, causing it to fall and crush Cursia, the human capital at the time. After this, the humans helped build Spark City for the wizards, and the wizards helped build Tepian City for the humans.

Magic: Elves · Faeries · Witches · Wizards
Mutant: Vampires · Werewolves
Outer-Dimensional: Angels · Demons · Ender
Tepryan: Satyrs
Other: Dwarves · Giants · Humans · Merfolk

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