The Grand Ocean is an extremely large ocean that surrounds Elementia. It holds Elementia, Kalse Isle, Lava Island, Death Fang Island, and Tidal University. The ruler of the ocean is Queen Katrina of the Merfolk Royal Family.

A famous resident of the ocean is the Water Witch and her kraken. The ocean's main inhabitants are merfolk, but many wizards and witches often visit due to spells that allow them to breathe underwater. Ships often pass over the ocean; mainly trading ships sailing between Elementia and its surrounding islands.



Land of the Dwarves: Cave of Terror · Dragon Mountain · International Trading Post · The Grand Cavern
Land of the Elves: Garden of Eden · Greenwood Forest · Hall of Heroes · Judgement Falls · Kingdom of the Clouds · The Forgotten Mine
Land of the Humans: Sivit City · Spark City · Tepian City
The Grand Ocean: Death Cavern · Death Fang Island · Fire Tower · Kalse Isle · Lava Island · Tidal University
Other: Castle Blood · Mystic Woods · South Desert · Teprya · The Wastes

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