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Did you know that Esme Dark is considered one of the best painters in Elementia?
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Kalse Isle is a large island off the west coast of Elementia. It is the largest of the four smaller islands surrounding Elementia.
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Humans: Bob MacDrewan · Carol Birchwood · Christopher Greystone · Dominic Jones · Gretel MacDrewan · Isabella Harlow · Red Harlow
Wizards: Christopher Dallows · Clarence Harris · Dracus Kronin · Dragon Elder · Edward Dallows · John Snowfield · Lightning Dallows · Orange Dallows · Vlad Kronin
Witches: Air Witch · Bat Dallows · Earth Witch · Fire Witch · Lucina Blackhaunt · Penelope Dallows · Water Witch
Giants: Kalse Yates
Dwarves: Rory Cole · Rus Temper · Toast Temper
Elves: Eliza Cole · Imac Nine · Luna Laufeyson
Faeries: Esme Darke · Eliza Jewel · Innes Thistle · Neena Thistle · Oscar Thistle · Quinn Thistle · Sophia Klein
Angels: Kitty Adiana · Starfire Leyna
Vampires: Andrew Blackhaunt · Damon Blackhaunt · Narissa Blackhaunt
Werewolves: Hoboism Faust · Spartan Dory
Other: Mortas · Vex

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