This article is about the Dwarven King's wife. You may be looking for the monster-hunting faerie.

Eliza Cole is the wife of the Dwarven King Rory Cole. Since she is an elf and not a dwarf, she is referred to as 'Lady' instead of 'Queen'.


Eliza was once good friends with Queen Luna of the Elven Royal Family, but Eliza betrayed Luna's friendship, and was banished from Greenwood Forest. She then met Rory, and they married. When Luna found out about the wedding, she swore the elves and the dwarves would never again be allies.

During The War of The Wastes II, Eliza and Rory were reported missing, it is presumed they were kidnapped. They have yet to return.

Eliza Cole · Imac Nine · Luna Laufeyson

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