Hall of Heroes Destroyed!Edit

Today, authorities found out that the Hall of Heroes has been destroyed. It is believed Dracus Kronin was behind it, as he was recently spotted near it. Most of the hall is completely ruined, and many of the important weapons are gone. When The Great Elementian Army investigated, they found the bodies of the protectors of the hall, including MRHOBOISM, strewn about all over the place. Weapons that have been taken include the Twisted Oak, formerly owned by Bat Dallows, and many enchanted swords. It is presumed to have been attacked to gain these weapons.


Job Requests and Items for SaleEdit

  • No current job requests or items for sale.

Weekly RumourEdit

This week's rumour is that Queen Luna is being held captive on Kalse Isle. Members of The Great Elementian Army have been sent there to search for her.