The Grand Cavern TakeoverEdit

Just today, Mortas arrived at The Grand Cavern. He then ordered his army to attack. For a strange reason, no guards were protecting the cavern, and Mortas and his forces quickly took over. Apparently, King Rory and Lady Eliza are missing. It is unknown if Dracus Kronin had anything to do with this attack, but it is presumed so. Since King Rory is disliked by many, only few are worried about him. People are concentrating more on finding Queen Luna and Esme Darke, who are still missing. If Dracus was invloved in the attack, it seems he is attacking important places in Elementia. The Great Elementian Army have sent more troops out to guard the human cities, in case Dracus strikes there.


Many businesses in The Grand Cavern are closed due to the attack.

Job Requests and Items for SaleEdit

  • More soldiers needed to protect the human cities in case Dracus attacks.

Weekly RumourEdit

Rumour has it that Dracus is planning to kidnap all members of The Elementian Council. It is unknown if this is true, and if it is, what he will do with them.