The Death of Bat DallowsEdit

Bat Dallows, or Batcatnat, was the current Head Witch and the brother of Lightning Dallows. A few days ago, she died while travelling a far away land. Head Wizard Shiplord13 brought her body back to Elementia, and she was buried in Spark City, alongside her brother. Many people attended the funeral, most notably her cousin Orange Dallows. A statue of Bat has been put up in the Hall of Heroes, next to her brother's statue. Her wand, the Twisted Oak, has also been put in the Hall, and is protected by magic.

Dracus SituationEdit

Vlad's son Dracus has not been seen recently, meaning he could be building an army. Anyone who sees him should report the sighting to a city guard, or a member of The Great Elementian Army.


Job Requests and Items for SaleEdit

  • New staff needed for the soon-to-be-reopened The Silver Cauldron. Visit the shop for more details.

Weekly RumourEdit

This week's rumour is that something is making demons dissapear. Many have gone already, and those who haven't are full of fear. Since the demons are not liked by many, some people are happy to see them go.