Burning SIVET

Photo taken during attack.

Tragedy Strikes Sivit City!Edit

Yesterday morning on the anniversary of the ending of the war, Sivit City was attacked and nearly blown out of the sky. At 9:15 am yesterday morning, a pale young man exited an airship and asked a guard where he could find Redharlow 95. The guard pointed to the mansion at the top of the hill and was instantly stabbed in the stomach. As the other guards reacted, the young man disappeared and reappeared behind them killing them instantly. He then proceeded to the mansion where he was confronted by Redharlow himself. The young man introduced himself as Dracus, Son of Vlad. Witnesses reported seeing him press a button and next thing, explosions everywhere, hundreds died and the Bounty Hunters have taken a huge blow in numbers. More and more dead bodies were pulled from the wreckage. One of them being Isabella Harlow and her unborn child. It is a tragic day in Elementia.

Back to WarEdit

An hour after his wife died, Redharlow 95 declared war on Dracus. He has ordered all Bounty Hunters, Navy, Army, Airforce, and even the Imperial Army to join him in hunting down this monster. The leaders of each race have been called to Judgement Falls to discuss the situation.


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Job Requests and Items for SaleEdit

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Weekly RumourEdit

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