we are happy to report that the war between the great elementian army and the army of the wastes has offically finished, Redharlow 95 and his troops marched into spark city saturday  morning and was greeted with a parade and celebration.


the ruilding of most of the cities and structures that were dammaged during the battles has begun and more people are needed to help rebuild. and more people have gon to the planes to pay their respect to the brave men and woman that died during the war, and a statue of lighteningD was putt up in spark city to pay respect to the head wizard, many of the navel ships have been rebuilt and now partol the oceans and rivers. and cheif vex was sentanced to life imprsionment, in the maximum security prison.

Harlow weddingEdit

yesturday commander Redharlow 95 married his long time girlfriend isabella smith. the two go married on a platform at the back of sivit city as the sun rose, attended by all residence of sivit city and family of the two, it was also attened by the leaders of elemntias races. they were also givin a twenty one gun salute. it was a beautiful cerimony, and the newly wedded couple were last seen boarding Reds private airship and flying out to sea.

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