Eruption WarningEdit

This just in: Lava Island's volcanoes are threatening to erupt. Please gather resources and food for your emergency shelter. If worse comes to worse, the humans will ask the demon leader Gamerboy555 to help.

The Wake of the StormEdit

A battle between Vampire King Thepenguin9 and a warrior Kamo141 has shown that Kamo has come up the new king and claimed the throne as his own. As of this, Gamerboy555 has asked for his siding in the war. Many desperate wizards have also asked him to lead the vampire army to take back Spark City, in hope of finding Lightning Dallows.


  • No business news to report.

Job Requests and Items for SaleEdit

  • No current job requests.

Weekly RumourEdit

Some of Vlad Kronin's army has said to be spotted heading towards the Garden of Eden, but it is unknown if Vlad is among them.

It is said that shadow ravens are heading towards Death Fang Island, reasons unknown.