Christopher Dallows was the Head Wizard of Elementia, until his death, and was the husband of Penelope Dallows, and the father of Lightning and Bat Dallows. He was well respected, and very skilled in magic. He lived in Spark City with his family. Christopher also had a brother, Edward Dallows, who also lived in Spark City with his wife and child.


Christopher was born and grew up in Spark City. He learnt all types of magic, and was granted the position of Head Wizard. He met a witch named Penelope and they dated. Penelope was granted the position of Head Witch, and they married. Together they had two children, Lightning and Bat. Christopher protected Spark City from an attack by magical bandits, but was killed after sending his children away to safety. He was buried in the Dallows Family Graveyard.

Christopher Dallows · Clarence Harris · Dracus Kronin · Dragon Elder · Edward Dallows · John Snowfield · Lightning Dallows · Orange Dallows · Vlad Kronin

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