The Air Witch is a ancient witch that guarded the Air Scroll of the four Elemental Scrolls. With her three sisters, she is a daughter of the First Ender Wizard.


The Air Witch, along with her three sisters was given one of the Elemental Scrolls to look after by their father. After he vanished, and her sister went mad, she and her remaining sisters went into hiding.

During The War of The Wastes, the wizard Dragon Elder found her and convinced her to give him the scroll. She fought on the side of the The Great Elementian Army during the Battle of the Planes. After the battle, she vanished. It is believed she has left Elementia with her remaining sisters.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Air Witch had complete control of the element of air. She also commanded a giant eagle, believed to be the last of it's kind. After she gave up her scroll, her powers began to diminish.

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