So I think at this point in the wiki clean up, or whatever it is we're doing, it would be good to try and find some rules. First, we need to clean up the pages. Theres not much point about creating new pages when the old ones are'nt up to date. I think we should focus on clearning up pages and making pages for red links. If a new page is needed to fill the hole in the lore, then thats good. But I think we should shy away from new stuff for now.

Two. What are we really going to do? I know we have a story, but what way do we take it? Theres also the problem in that a lot of people hav'nt come back and might not, so it makes it wierd that I'm writing this for two other poeple. This may mean we drop a lot of characters, like what happend with the vampires, or not.