Right, hello all! I've got a lovely surprise for you all, and I'll tell ya what it is in a sec.

So, and correct me if I am wrong, but weren't there like, character lists/whatever per race, of the people who were in said races? Now I'm not sure (as this was like several months ago since I was last active on this wiki) but I'm pretty sure I remember, on the Elves page at least, there being an informal list of characters including (from memory): me, Elven-Queen Luna, Elven-Prince Nix, Head of the Guard Adamo, and Head Archer Imac Johnson. Am I right or no? Because, if we can, I'd like those back pretty-please-with-dragons-on-top, because they made my life so much easier with the little project you may or may not have already guessed.

(bolding for emphasis bc i know how much you all loved and miss it) I am revamping the so called "Epiclamentals," now under the guise of just The Elementals. I hope to have at least the prologue, and if I'm lucky, the first chapter, of it out by early November (maybe even as a my birthday present from me to you~).

Righto, now that's out of the way, my intent for the character lists and whatnot was so I'd have an idea of who all were important in this lovely world of Elementia, and thus who all to include and who to add. Also, before I leave this out floating in the Cloud, I'd would oh so very much appreciate all of you leaving character descriptions down below. That would include personality, how they act, and what they look like (I've already got a basic sort of an idea of the various characters appearances and stuff but I'd like to know what you want them looking like).

TL;DR I'd like the character lists back pls, Elementals return November, and please leave your character's descriptions in the thread-comment-bit below. Sorry for the moderately long thread, and thank you!